Get Ski Fit, Leg Strength

Get ski fit, Leg strength Skiing for most people happens once or twice a year and if they do prepare then a few squats of lunges would be as far as they go.  With most skiing injuries being leg injuries, … Read More

Get Ski Fit, Cardio Intervals

Get Ski Fit, Cardio Intervals If you have good cardio fitness then the next stage is to bring in some interval training to your weekly program.  Doing steady state cardio is great for improving general fitness and aerobic stamina to … Read More

Get ski Fit, Core strength

Core strength for skiing/boarding The importance for core strength is most the time forgotten as people focus straight away on the legs.  Every movement we do, the forces we generate, all are initiated from the core, so ensuring we have a strong … Read More

Get Ski Fit, build your Cardio base

Get Ski Fit, build your cardio fitness Ok so you have booked your ski holiday, then 2 weeks before you go you do a few squats and then you’re ready to hit the slopes right? Wrong. You need to think … Read More

Get ski fit!

Getting ready for everything a winter holiday can throw at you As a Personal trainer/bike guide in the Alps in the summer, people that come on these holidays ensure they prepare for the activity they have signed up for. To … Read More