Getting ready for everything a winter holiday can throw at you

As a Personal trainer/bike guide in the Alps in the summer, people that come on these holidays ensure they prepare for the activity they have signed up for. To get the most of the holiday it would be silly not to be have the fitness.

Operating chalets in the winter I see exactly the same clientele but very little preparation, people just don’t look at skiing/riding in the same way. This means people start keen, skiing from first lift to last lift but as the week goes on they start later, lunch longer and Après earlier. Unfortunately the danger is as we tire but continue to ski/board the risk of getting injured increases and is why most ski holiday injuries occur at the end of a week. I’m sure you have heard it as well when talking to some one who has got an injury they tell you it was at the end of the day and they just went for ”one last run”.

My point is, most of us that go on active holidays maybe not quite as active at home during our everyday normal lives. Yet we jump right into the deep end without building our fitness up to a level we need. Would you sign yourself to run a marathon and just turn up with no training and expect it to be an enjoyable experience? Well as enjoyable as running a marathon can be. No I am sure you would never dream of it and it should be the same for Skiing/boarding. No matter what level you are, from the beginner picking yourself up, to the advanced hitting the powder field and steeps, you need to be fit for your sport.

If you want to get the most out of your holiday and reduce the possibility of picking up an injury you need to get ski/board fit!

Now this is where I will help, as the snow starts to fall across the Alps now is the time to start to get your body ready. Over the coming weeks I will be adding to my current tips and exercise’s that will keep the legs strong and the core firm, ready for everything the Alps can throw at you.

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Kev and the Chill Alp team

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